July 20, 2020
Himalayan Blackberry
When: EVERY THURSDAY MORNING - 10:00 a.m til 12:00 Noon

Work parties - Thursday mornings. Registered volunteers are updated by email when change/cancellation occurs.To confirm work party details for a specific date, please contact Judy, per info below.

Fall 2019 we started work in this Garry Oak area removing Himalayan Blackberry. Now that the bulk of that biomass is gone we are focused on digging out all and any missed root balls and root fragments to minimize subsequent regrowth.When this phase of our work is done we'll plant out a variety of appropriate native trees, shrubs,and forbs linked to Garry Oak ecosystems. This restored site is now partially protected with split rail fencing to minimize human and canine incursion to prevent trampling of vegetation. We've also installed wire exclosures around species vulnerable to deer browsing. Saanich Parks is providing regular watering to increase long term survival of planted natives.

Parking near this site is available on the west side of Cedar Hill Road, Elnido Road (not Elnido Crescent please) and Harvest Lane.

The work site is next to the Park directory/map at the top of the Fire lane in the 4300 block of Cedar Hill Road.

Plant identification, tools, gloves, & work instruction provided on-site. Phone Judy at 250-472-0515 or email to jandd_spearing@shaw.ca for further information.
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Location: Garry Oak ecosystem -Whittaker Trail at Cedar Hill Road (4300 block)