June 26, 2019
English Ivy, E. Holly, Daphne, et al Removal
When: EVERY THURSDAY MORNING - 10:00 a.m til 12:00 Noon

Work parties are every Thursday morning and only cancelled with severe Winter and/or Summer weather conditions. Registered volunteers are regularly updated, by email, on work location, work party cancellations, change of work, etc. If you are unsure if a work party is planned for a specific date, feel free to contact Judy directly per the info below.

Currently, our volunteers are removing Ivy and miscellaneous other invasive plants from the understory between Glendenning Trail and Maddock Trail. This section was first cleared in 2010/11 and we've found enough regrowth of invasives to warrant another sweep this year.

At this time,(June/19), Saanich is working on underground/road services along Winchester and Parkside so you will have to find a suitable place to park, as best you can, and then walk in along the nearest access route to our current work site. We are now working along the east side of Glendenning Trail, a couple hundred feet north of the Maddock Trail intersection. Walk up Glendenning Trail (north) until you find strips of pink flagging tape attached to shrubbery on the trail edge and that is where to find us.

Plant identification, tools, gloves, & work instruction provided on-site. Phone Judy at 250-472-0515 or email to jandd_spearing@shaw.ca for further information.
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Location: park understory east side Glendenning trail, north of Maddock/Glendenning trails intersection